TM WhatsApp vs. WhatsApp: A Feature Comparison

Unlock the Full Potential of TM WhatsApp With its extensive features and enhanced usability, TM WhatsApp stands out as a superior messaging solution. Enjoy the benefits of this mod by downloading TM WhatsApp and discover a world of convenience, customization, and secure communication. Upgrade your WhatsApp experience with TM WhatsApp today, and enjoy unparalleled messaging capabilities

When it comes to TM WhatsApp Mod versus the standard WhatsApp Green, the differences are substantial. In this article, we will explore the key features of TM WhatsApp that make it stand out from the normal version.


  1. Change WhatsApp Theme: Unlike normal WhatsApp, TM WhatsApp allows you to easily customize the background theme with any color you desire. If you’ve always wanted a dark or coffee brown theme, TM WhatsApp is the perfect choice. Check out our article on “How to Change WhatsApp Theme Color” for a step-by-step guide.
  2. WhatsApp Status Duration: TM WhatsApp lets you set a 7-minute WhatsApp status, whereas the normal WhatsApp version limits it to 30 seconds. However, note that this extended status duration is viewable only by TM WhatsApp users.
  3. Download Status Videos & Photos: With TM WhatsApp, you can effortlessly download WhatsApp status videos and photos from your friends without seeking their permission. Learn how to download WhatsApp status videos with our helpful guide.
  4. Message Recall: TM WhatsApp allows you to recall any sent message in both group chats and private conversations, unlike the normal WhatsApp. This recall message feature is exclusive to TM WhatsApp. Download TM WhatsApp to enjoy this incredible capability.
  5. App Icon: Customize your WhatsApp icon with TM WhatsApp. Choose from a variety of colors such as blue, black, or red, adding a personal touch that the normal WhatsApp doesn’t offer.
  6. Schedule WhatsApp Messages: If you often forget important notifications or appointments, TM WhatsApp has you covered. Schedule messages to ensure timely wishes for birthdays or other significant events that you might otherwise forget.
  7. Run Two WhatsApp Accounts: Unlike the normal WhatsApp, TM WhatsApp allows you to run two instances of the app simultaneously. This enables you to effortlessly switch between your favorite features without any hassle.

TM WhatsApp vs. Other WhatsApp Mods

Comparing TM WhatsApp with other popular mods like GB WhatsApp reveals minimal differences in terms of usage. However, let’s delve into the unique features of TM WhatsApp that set it apart, specifically in comparison to GB WhatsApp.

  1. Ad-Free: TM WhatsApp is completely ad-free, resulting in significant data savings of over 45% compared to other mods that consume bandwidth with intrusive ads.
  2. Smooth and Fast: TM WhatsApp boasts enhanced speed and smoothness, thanks to re-modified codes that optimize performance.
  3. Extended Expiry Date: TM WhatsApp offers a longer expiry period compared to other mods, reducing the frequency of necessary updates.
  4. 100% Secure: TM WhatsApp prioritizes user privacy and security. All hidden codes have been meticulously reviewed and removed, ensuring a safe messaging experience.
  5. Premium Apps: Access over 300 fully paid premium Android apps for free through TM WhatsApp, providing additional value and convenience.
  6. TMWhatsApp Group: Engage with the TM WhatsApp community through the in-app forum, where you can interact with the developer and fellow TM WhatsApp users worldwide. Share insights, seek assistance, and foster connections.
  7. Manual Updates: Unlike automatic updates in other mods, TM WhatsApp gives users full control over updates. You can choose when and if you want to update the app, based on your preferences and available data.
  8. 100% Free: TM WhatsApp is completely free without any embedded links redirecting you to donation sites. Enjoy the mod’s features without any hidden costs.
  9. Compatibility: TM WhatsApp runs smoothly and is compatible with all Android versions, minimizing crashes and ensuring a seamless user experience.